Juan F Maillane


Systems Engineer graduated from the Universidad de Antioquia, with a specialization in software development and 12 years of experience in analysis, design and software development, I have wide knowledge on different platforms, frameworks and methodologies of software process.

John Restrepo

With over 13 Years of experience Jhon Restrepo started his career after graduating from Digipen Institute of Technology in 2003 at Big Huge Games where he worked as a tester and programmer.In such titles as Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends (Programmer), Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Programmer) and Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties (Lead Programmer).


He then left Big Huge Games in 2010 and Joined Game Circus LLC along with a couple of friends. SInce then he has release titles totalling over 100 Million downloads. He held positions as the CTO and COO bringing the company from 4 employees to over 40.

Fernando A Maillane


Electronic Engineer with a postgraduate in software development, with over 11 years experience on software engineering with technologies like Java and .Net, building applications for multiple industry fields and working for local and american companies in roles such as developer, technical leader and architect.

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